О компании/About Us:

LLP "Kazakhstan Certification Center" Technical regulation in Kazakhstan in 2005 and the measures provided for by the National Attestation Commission, the company responsible for product certification:GOST-K certification, Kazakhstan TRCU Certificate, TRCU Declaration, EAC certificate , service and quality, personnel audit of the system, quality of the personnel management system, laboratories and certification bodies of authorized personnel, internal qualities audit standards, training of specialists. Founded in 2009 as a liaison office in China.  

Казахстан сертификация / Kazakhstan Certification: 

Kazakhstan GOST-K Certificate of Conformity

GGTN Permit to Use

 Kazakhstan TRCU Certificate

Kazakhstan TRCU Declaration

Kazakhstan  Also called Metrological Certificate

Kazakhstan Hygiene Certificate

Kazakhstan  Certificate of Fire Safety

Kazakhstan  Technical Passport

 Kazakhstan Explosion-Proof Certificate

 Kazakhstan  Letter of Refusal